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With more than 230 stores spanning 43 states and growing, Luma is a nationally recognized active wear manufacturer and retailer. We’re passionate about active lifestyles – and it goes way beyond apparel.

At Luma, wellness is a way of life. We don’t believe age, gender or past actions define you, only your ambition and desire for wholeness... today.

We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique designs and styles merged with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity. Our founders have deep roots in yoga and health communities and our selections serve amateur practitioners and professional athletes alike.


Welcome to SA Candle Supply, your premier destination for high-quality raw materials for candles, diffusers, and room & linen mists, as well as a vast array of soap making supplies. Since our inception in 2018, we have been dedicated to providing wholesale customers with the finest ingredients to craft exceptional home fragrance and care products. 

At SA Candle Supply, we understand the transformative power of scent. Whether it's creating a cosy ambiance with a flickering candle, refreshing a space with a subtle mist, or infusing tranquillity with a diffuser, we believe that every scent has the potential to evoke emotions and memories.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our business. We meticulously source our raw materials from trusted suppliers, ensuring that each ingredient meets our standards for purity and potency. From premium fragrance oils, waxes, jars, soap supplies and everything in between, we offer an extensive selection of ingredients to inspire your creativity and elevate your products.

Beyond providing exceptional raw materials, we are passionate about supporting our customers on their journey to success. Our team is dedicated to offering personalized service, industry expertise, and ongoing support to help you bring your vision to life. Whether you're a seasoned artisan or just starting out, we are here to empower you with the tools and resources you need to thrive in the competitive home fragrance market.

At SA Candle Supply, we're committed to bringing the freshest trends in candle-making gear to South Africa. Our mission is simple: to deliver honest, exceptional service and offer boutique-quality products at unbeatable prices. Whether you're a small artisan or a large-scale producer, we cater to all needs, ensuring no client is left behind. Join us in igniting creativity and passion in every candle-making endeavour.

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Sourced Worldwide

Our products are both of local and international origin, chosen for quality, reliability, functionality and aesthetics.


With preserving and re-using in mind, our products can easily be re-purposed and recycled.


We have done endless testing and experience to assist with all the candle making aspects.