It was from a small factory opposite the historic Ophirton Hotel in Johannesburg that SA Candle Supply began trading in 1986.

At that stage the company produced upmarket candles and began trading in what is still one of its main selling points: quality wax and wicks at the most competitive prices.  Since then, the company has gained first-hand experience of what it entails to create the perfect candle, and has firmly established itself as one of the most comprehensive and knowledgeable candle supply wholesalers in the country.

In 2017, SA Candle Supply identified that South Africa was lagging behind the more evolved boutique candle industries of other countries, and set about to be the leading supplier of quality products.  Closely monitoring worldwide trends, SA Candle Supply’s vision is to bring the South African candle-making public the highest quality waxes, fragrances, wicks, candle containers and dyes from all over the world at the most competitive prices.

At first glance, a candle is a simple thing – but there is an art to it. It takes knowledge, patience and skill to blend all the different elements to produce the desired candle.  We have made things simple for you. With endless testing, we have created practical, easy-to-follow tutorials that will guide you through the process of using our products to create your own, perfect candles.

SA Candle Supply is dedicated to bringing the latest trends in candle-making gear to South Africa, and is proud to provide its customers with honest, outstanding service and boutique quality goods at the most competitive prices.

We supply in both small and large quantities, so no client is left out.

Safe Shopping

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Sourced Worldwide

Our products are both of local and international origin, chosen for quality, reliability, functionality and aesthetics.


With preserving and re-using in mind, our products can easily be re-purposed and recycled.


We have done endless testing and experience to assist with all the candle making aspects.