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Diffuser Bottle - Calla Aqua

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Calla Aqua Diffuser Jar

Calla Diffuser jars are coated on the outside giving them a luxury appearance and will not interfere with the internal diffuser content.  Removal of a sticker once applied may remove the coating.

Our Medium calla Diffuser bottles are coated on the outside giving them a luxury appearance and will not interfere with the internal diffuser content.  Removal of a sticker once applied may remove the coating.  The plastic stopper ensures a secure seal when fragrance mix is added, retaining the contents of the product. Select the specific lid colour needed.

  • Material: Glass jar and metal lid and plastic stopper.
  • Maximum Fill Volume: 200ml
  • Bottom Diameter: n/a
  • Colours available: Aqua, Frosted Black, Frosted White, Amber, Glossy Black, Glossy White, Vintage Green
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Natural Reed Sticks: Requires 4-6
  • Fibre Reed Sticks: Requires 4-6
  • Fragrance Load: 5-15% (This is only a guideline, follow the % guideline available on each fragrance IFRA document)
  • Own testing is required
User Instructions

Note that all diffuser should be made on a flat surface, and lay down newspaper on the work surface, as base oil can stain certain surfaces. Ensure your safety by using safety goggles and gloves.

Preparing the Jars

  • Pack out the diffuser bottles and ensure that they are dust free.  Remove the plastic stopper.

Adding Fragrance and Base oil

  • Measure out the selected diffuser base oil in a separate container.
  • Measure out the Fragrance oil by the recommended ratio, this information is available on the IFRA document for each fragrance. 
  • The ratio ranges from 5-15%, or more depending on % indicted by the IFRA document.
  • IE – a diffuser bottle with a fill volume of 100ml at 10% = 10ml fragrance and 90ml+  base oil.
  • First pour in the fragrance carefully using a funnel, then top up with the base oil to the neck of the diffuser bottle.


  • Make sure that the diffuser jar is filled almost to the top, leaving space for the stopper. Take care not to overfill your jar.
  • Close if off with the given lid.
  • Use the amount of reeds as indicated by the selected base oil.

  • The colour of glassware may vary occasionally due to changes in dye and materials from our supplier. We cannot be held responsible for these variations. Screen images are provided as a general reference and may not be entirely accurate.
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  • Before using glassware, always conduct a thorough inspection for any flaws. If defects are detected, the glass should be promptly discarded to mitigate potential issues. Even minor scratches can escalate into cracks over time and should warrant disposal.
  • Ensure the fragrance remains consistent by regularly reversing the reeds for recharging.
  • Proper care is essential for your diffuser's longevity. Follow these tips, and it should last 2-3 months depending on the base oil & fragrance used.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure, such as placing it on a bathroom windowsill.
  • Maintain cleanliness by wiping down the reeds and cleaning the top of the jar to prevent dust from settling into the diffuser.
  • Upon opening, soak the reeds for up to 4 hours before turning them for the first time.
  • Exercise caution by keeping the diffuser away from plug points and out of reach of children.
  • Quickly clean up any spills with a paper towel to prevent damage to wood or cement surfaces.
  • Do not expose the diffuser to flames or attempt to light the sticks.
  • Do not ingest the contents of the diffuser, seek immediate medical attention if ingested.