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FAQs - Products

  • I want to make candles, but i have no idea where to start and what I need.

    Candle making is a very rewarding hobby/business to take on. Some days are amazing and other days can be daunting, but each day is worth it. So how you do figure out what products you need? We recommend attending our candle making class to help get you started.

    However, if you can’t attend a class just yet but would like to try out candle making, we’ve got you!

    Deciding to make candles is just the first step, you also need to answer the following questions before you actually get started.

    1. What candles do I want to make? Do I want to make container candles or fee standing? Answering this question will help you figure out what type of wax, and wicks you will require.
    2. What type of wax do I want to use? Soy or Paraffin? Read our article on different types of wax to make your choice of which wax to use.
    3. Do I want to fragrance the candles? If yes, what fragrance? We have a number of incredible, high quality fragrance oils to choose from. Only fragrance oils are recommended, not essential oils.
    4. Do I want to colour the candles? If yes, what colour? Pick from our range of candle colours available.
    5. What knowledge do I already have? What do I need to learn?

    Once you have decided on the above, there is one more important question you need to answer before you can start making your candles, and that what wick should I use? The style of candle you chose to make, and the size of it will heavily influence the choice of wick. Armed with your answers from above, have a read through our wick guide and make your choice!

    A few more items are required for the candle making process, some equipment.

    You will need:
    - a melting pot or a double boiler (a pot filled with water works perfectly!)
    - Some pouring jugs
    - Spoons/stirring sticks
    - pipettes/measuring tools
    - A glue gun or glue dots
    - A thermometer – an infrared thermometer is easiest to use, however candy thermometers work just as effectively.
    - If all of the above still seems far too daunting for you to figure out, why not start with 1 of our kits?

    Our kits our packed for easy of use and to allow anyone to make a candle! We have a range of kits for you to choose from, and we are constantly developing more. We are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for!

  • I have questions about the ingredients in some of your products...

    All relevant safety, composition and usage information can be found on the applicable product. Should the information you require not be found on the product, feel free to contact us and we will happily provide you with the required information.

    We take our consumer safety and their use of all our products very seriously!

  • The product i want to order says it's "out of stock", is it really not available?

    We take great care to ensure our website reflects our current stock holding. We make sure products that we don’t have stock of or adequate stock of, are not available for purchase on our site. The moment we have replenished our stock of the item, the website will be updated and the product can be purchased.

    A product that says “out of stock” on our website, will also be “out of stock” and unavailable for purchase in our store as well.

  • Can your fragrance oils be used in an oil burner/electric diffuser?

    Yes, our fragrance oils can be used in an oil burner or electric diffuser. They would have to blended with a carrier like soy wax, as the fragrances must be diluted into a 10% ration of oil to carrier to diffuse safely.

    In the electric diffuser, dilute the fragrance oil with water as the carrier.

  • How long is the burn time for pillar candles?

    These average times are based on paraffin candles, manufactured to achieve complete melt pool in 4 hours.

    Diameter 10cm x Height 10cm: ± 45 hours
    Diameter 10cm x Height 15cm: ± 70 hours
    Diameter 10cm x Height 20cm: ± 120 hours

    Changes in the construction of your candle will lead to differences in burn time.