Learn The Lingo


Starting your fragrances journey? Or just need a refresher?

Here are some handy terms to help you out at every part of the journey!

Choosing Your Wax


Buying the correct candle wax for your candles is simple once you know what you want.

Here’s you wax crash course to help you out!

Choosing Your Wick


When you make a candle, the wick may well be the last thing you think about…

But it is probably the most important part of your candle!

Candle Scent Throw


What is scent throw?

The scent throw describes how the candle smells while the wax is solid and how much aroma is given once it has been lit.

Candle Making Safety

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We take the matter of safety, as it pertains to candle making, very seriously and want to share some great tips with you to help keep you safe on your maker’s journey.

Wooden Wick VS Cotton Wick

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Wooden wicks and cotton wicks are two very different products that provide you with 2 different burn experiences.


What Are Wax Melts?

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Wax melts are becoming more and more popular and many now favour wax melts over candles as the best way to make your home smell beautiful.


Loadshedding & Candle Safety


We believe it is very important for you & your family to know the best practices to stay safe during loadshedding.


How Vanilla Affects Wax

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Fragrances that contain vanilla have been known to discolor wax.  This occurs because vanilla contains a compound known as vanillin, which is extremely sensitive to changes in PH levels.

Importance of Temperatures

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When it comes to making candles, the melting temperature and fragrance temperature of the wax you use can have a significant impact on the quality of your finished product.

Importance Of Proper Mixing

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Candle making is both a popular hobby and a thriving industry, with a diverse range of scents and styles available to choose from.

How to Conduct A Burn Test

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As a candle maker, conducting burn tests is a crucial step in ensuring that your candles are safe, high-quality, and provide an optimal burn experience for your customers.

Essential Oils VS Fragrance Oils

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Fragrance oils and essential oils are both used to create scents, but they are very different products.


Importance of Testing


Beginner or expert on the candle journey, testing is an extremely vital part of the process for numerous reasons.

Troubleshooting Guide - Frosting

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Frosting is a common “issue” that every candle maker will deal with at some time, and in some way.  There’s no need to get discouraged

Glossy Pillar Candle Recipe


Most of the time, a pillar/molded candle will automatically have a shiny finish.  Check out this simple but exciting recipe!

Rustic Pillar Candle Recipe

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Use rustic candles to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room.  Check out this simple but exciting recipe!


Soy-Paraffin Pillar Candle Recipe

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This soy/paraffin pillar blend offers the easy burning of paraffin, with the appealing look and usability of soy.  Check out this simple but exciting recipe!

What Are Massage Candles?

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A massage candle is a candle that once lit, melts into a massage oil that can be applied to the body.


Massage Candle Recipe

massage melt

A beautiful candle and massage oil when you burn it?  Sign us right up!

Check out this simple but exciting recipe!

Troubleshooting Guide - Wet Spots

wet spots (1)

A wet spot is when the wax in you jar pulls away from the glass in certain areas, giving it a wet appearance.