Advanced Wood Wick


Wick is sold in bundles of 20 wicks with the metal sustainer.

#2 Wick Bundle
#3 Wick Bundle
#4 Wick Bundle
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Wick Size Burning Guide
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Double Advanced Wood Wick Range

The new and improved double-sided advanced wicks have a second smaller strip adhered to the centre of the wick, giving it a stronger flame, and burn pool.  These wicks are perfect for soy and paraffin wax, bees wax blended candles, and candles with a heavy Fragrance or candle specific dye loads.  It is supplied with a metal sustainer. These wicks do not need any placement holders as they stand upright solidly.  They do not crackle.


AW #2 – Width: 13mm – Height: 150mm

AW #3 – Width: 16mm – Height: 150mm

AW #4 – Width: 20mm – Height: 150mm


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Product Info

Material: Softwood

Thickness of Wick: 0.40

Diameter: Refer to chart below for double wick option

How to use


Note that the below wick instructions are based on our in-house testing, and you should also conduct your own testing with fragrance loads and colouring.


Step 1 – Measuring the Diameter of the Jar

Ensure that you work on a safe surface. It is advised to pack out and re-measure the inside diameter of the jars, write down the diameter as not to choose the incorrect wick.

Step 2 – Select the Wick

Choose the wick based on the diameter provided in the wick table.

Step 3 – Decide to use 1 or 2 Wicks

If your jar has a wider diameter, and you need to use 2 wicks, simply divide the diameter of the jar by the number of wicks you will be using, also refer to the wick table below.

Step 4 – Applying the wick to the Jar

Use a good quality glue gun, place a tiny drop of warm glue onto the metal sustainer.  Simply adhere the wick as central in the jar as possible, you can also mark the middle with a non-permanent marker. For double wicks, mentally divide out the jar, mark out the two half sections and place wicks equal distance from the sides and middle.

Wick Size Burning Guide

Wood Wick Size Burning Guide

Jar Diameter AW –  Single Wick AW –  Double Wick
55mm – 75mm 1 X #2 Not recommended for jar size
76mm – 85mm 1 X #3 2 x #2
85mm – 95mm 1 X #4 OR #3 2 x #2 OR #3
95mm – 110mm Double wick recommended 2 x #3 or #4


SA Candle Supply Jars recommended Advanced wood wick

Jar Diameter AW –  Single Wick AW Wick  –  Double Wick
Ochre – 72mm 1 X #2 Not recommended for jar size
Aurora – 75mm 1 X #2 Not recommended for jar size
Nova – 77mm 1 X #3 Not recommended for jar size
Luna – 85mm 1 x #4 2 x #2 or #3

*Please conduct your own testing at all times, as burn diameters will differ with wax types / blends and fragrance loads.


This information is for general information purposes only. Whereas great care was taken to ensure accuracy and correctness it does not constitute a guarantee with regard to any particular product properties. It is the obligation of the user to check the products and their suitability for the purpose intended by the user. The Supplier reserves the right to change the information regarding the product covered by this sheet as may be necessary due to technical, production or other developments and requirements without prior notice.

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