Bostik Glue Dots


The very easy to use, non-yellowing glue dots are designed to provide a permanent hold and the bond strength will increase over time. They are acid and lignin free, making them ideal for use in many applications, including candle making.  They are also solvent free and non-toxic.



Product Information                                      

Material: Clear glue dots / double sided / Extra Strength

Uses: Adhesive for wick placement

Quantity: 64 dots per packet



Remove a dot sleeve from the packaging.

Lift one side of the covering paper and place the metal end of the wick directly in the middle of the glue dot.

Remove the backing on the glue dot.

Press wick down slightly in the jar to make sure it is secure.

Can also be used for wood wicks.



The glue dots can come loose from the jar, simply press it down again.

Please read the safety data sheet & technical safety sheet carefully.


Download the Bostik Glue Dots SDS