Calla Frosted Black Diffuser


Calla Frosted Black Diffuser Jars

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Jar Specifications
Diffuser Care


Our medium Calla frosted black diffuser jars is a product of pure beauty. The variants are coated on the outside giving them a luxury appearance and will not interfere with the internal diffuser content. This medium volume diffuser jars are available in opaque Amber, Emerald and Sapphire Grey, and now in Frosted black, frosted white, solid black and solid white,  it also includes a plastic stopper and a SILVER lid with the frosted black jar.


Download complimentary  Diffuser Testing Sheet


Jar Specifications

Material: Coloured glass with variety of lid options with plastic stopper
Maximum Volume: 200ml
Colours: Opaque Amber, Emerald and Sapphire Grey, Frosted Black, Frosted white, Solid Black and Solid White
Fragrance Load: 10 – 15% (This is only a guideline, and ratios depends on the strength of the fragrance desired)
Own Testing is required.



Note that all diffuser making should be on a flat surface, lay down newspaper on the work surface.


Step 1 – Jars

Pack out the jars and ensure that they are dust free.  Remove the plastic stopper.


Step 2 – Fragrance and oil

Measure out the diffuser base oil in a separate container.

Measure out the Fragrance oil, use the 10 – 15%% recommend fragrance load. (This is based on our fragrances and base oil)

IE – 100ml base oil = 10ml fragrance.

You can measure the oil out first and ad the fragrance, stir gently and then pour into the jars.  For smaller quantities, simply adjust the ratio of base oil to the 15% fragrance load. For a stronger scent, you can work on 20% (20ml) fragrance.  Please note that these are only guidelines, and own testing is required at all times.


Step 3 – Closing

Make sure that the diffuser jar is filled almost to the top, leaving space for the stopper. Take care not to overfill your jar.

Close if off with the given lid.

Diffuser Care

Reverse the reeds regularly to recharge and ensure the consistency of the fragrance.

Caring for your diffuser is important take note and care of the following, and yours should last up to six months.

Do not place in direct sunlight ie on a bathroom window still.

Try to clean off the top of the jar, as well as gently wipe down the reeds before turning to limit dust settling into the diffuser.

Once opened, soak the reeds for up to 4 hours and then turn for the first time.

Be diligent and place away from plug points and keep safely away from children.

If some of the contents are spilled, clean up immediately with a paper towel.

Do not expose to flames, or try and light the sticks.