Calla Solid Black Mist Bottle


*Please note, black misting tops are out-of-stock until July.  White misting tops will be supplied with all bottles.

Calla Solid Gloss Black Mist Bottle

1 (R45 Per Jar) R45.00
30 (R43 Per Jar) R1,290.00
60 (R41 Per Jar) R2,460.00
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Bottle Specifications
Take Care


Our medium Solid Gloss Black bottles is a product of pure beauty. The variants are coated on the outside giving them a luxury appearance and will not interfere with the internal content. These medium volume jars are available in opaque Amber, Emerald and Sapphire Grey, and now in Frosted black, frosted white, solid black and solid white.

Instructions and care

Note that all diffuser/mist making should be on a flat surface, lay down newspaper on the work surface.

It is advisable to create your own warning label to accompany the diffuser.

Room / Linen Mist Ingredients:  Aqua (Water), Alcohol Denat, Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol, DMDM Hydantoin.



Additional information


1 (R45 per jar), 30 (R43 per jar), 60 (R41 per jar)

Bottle Specifications

Material: Coloured glass with variety of lid options with plastic stopper
Maximum Fill Volume: 200ml

Colours: Opaque Amber, Emerald and Sapphire Grey, Frosted Black, Frosted white, Solid Black and Solid White


Measure out the room / linen mist base oil in a separate container.

Measure out the Fragrance oil with a pipette, recommended ratio a 3% Load (based on our fragrance & essential oils).

IE – 100ml bottle = 3ml fragrance and 90-100ml base oil.

First pour in the fragrance or essential oil carefully, then top up with the base oil.  The blend will become slightly cloudy as the base and the fragrance infuses.  This will clear within minutes, and is ready to be used.

Hold the bottle away from your body, pointing to the area to mist, gently spray a couple of times into the air, or on linen.

Please note that these are guidelines, and own testing is required at all times.

Do not exceed 4% as the base will be overloaded and the emulsion will not blend perfectly.

Take Care

We action caution when creating / working with Room / Linen Mist base oil.  Only use this base oil to make room / linen mists.

Base oil can damage polished/painted/plastic or leather surfaces.  Only spray on linen and around a room.  Do not spray near any electrical sockets or equipment.

Keep out of the reach of children & pets. People with perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using the product.

Flammable liquid. Do not ingest fragrance or base oil, do not apply to the body.