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Candle Colour Flakes & Pellets

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Colour them pretty!

Our concentrated candle colours are sourced from a speciality international colour supplier, made specifically for your candles.  We package them in an easy to use container in volumes of 25g.  Each shade is super potent and can be mixed together to achieve alternative colours.

Colour Strength directions

Dark: 2g per 1l

Medium: 1g per 1l

Light: 0.5g per 1l

The colours are supplied either in pellet form or flaked form but perform exactly the same.  Black: Pellets / Green: flakes / Red: Flakes / Blue: Flakes / Light Pink: Flakes / Yellow: Pellets / Turquoise: Flakes

From using a small amount for a light colour shade to a larger amount for a deeper colour.
Mix the primary colours together to create your own unique secondary palette.

We always recommend that you conduct your own testing with the colours, as the type of wax and fragrance will also influence the colour load required.

Own testing is required at all times as the above s only a guideline based on our in house testing,  results may differ due to factors that is outside our control or knowledge.


Learn all about the terms we use to for candle making  – Learn the Lingo


  • Use an electronic scale to weigh out the exact quantity of colourant. Use 2 grams per 1000ml of melted wax.
  • The wax temperature should be 75 – 79 degrees for both soy and paraffin candles. Always add colour before the fragrance so that the wax and the colour is completely blended before adding the fragrance.
  • Blend thoroughly using your stirring tools. – Do not use a blender.
  • Pour the colour-wax melt into the wax tank and mix it again
  • using a mixer. This applies especially to pigment colourants.
  • Always ensure that your colour is at the desired shade before making an entire batch.
  • For darker shades, increase the grams per 1000L, for lighter shades, decrease the grams per 1000ml.

Additional Info

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Candle Safe:  Yes

Additional Info:  We hereby declare that the colours, additives do not contain any animal products, and are not subject to any animal testing either commissioned by or on behalf of the international supplier.

Recommended for Through colour candles: Yes

For through coloured candles ( this means the entire candle is coloured), The percentage is generally between 0.1 % and 0.2 %. However, the shade can vary depending on the wax compound, production method and the scent products. This may require a higher or lower colour percentage level.

Recommended for dipping colour candles: Yes

The pigment dosing at a dipping temperature of 80 ° C is 1 % for double over dipping and 1.5%  for single over dipping. The shade may change depending on the temperature and dipping compound.

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