Candle Making Class: Beginners 15/03/2020

Candle Making Class for Beginners: Saturday 25 January 2020, 10am – 2:30pm

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Candle & Diffuser making  can be brilliant and daunting at the same time.  We present the beginners candle & diffuser making class in a light and informative 4-5 hour session.   In this Candle & Diffuser making class, we discuss and share all the elements that is crucial in candle & Diffuser making.


We cover the following topics:                         

  • Different types of candle waxes, and their individual applications.
  • Wax tempering, blend and pour temperatures.
  • Wicks, sizes and how to select the right wick for the jar.
  • Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils, and their individual applications.
  • Step by step instructions and full demonstration for soy wax candle making.
  • Diffuser making ratios with full demonstration and instructions.
  • Q&A session.



Candle Making

  • Leda Glass jar with lid x 1
  • Luna clear glass jar with wooden lid x 1
  • Nova white jar with rose gold lid x 1
  • Soy wax x 1kg
  • Pouring jug x 1
  • Fragrance oil x 100ml
  • V12 candle wick x 2
  • Stabilio 18 candle wick x 2


  • Iris Duffer Jar with wooden top x 1
  • Arum White jar with rose gold top x 1
  • Arum Clear jar with silver top x 1
  • Diffuser base oil 500ml x 1
  • Fragrance oil x 100ml
  • Natural rattan diffuser reeds x 24
  • 2 x Pipettes


Important notes:

  • Please note to select one of the listed fragrances, IE if you select a fragrance category, we will pack according to the fragrance.
  • Once you have placed your order, please indicate if you want the kit delivered, or receive it on the day. Normal courier costs apply.



College of Digital Photography, 91 Oxford Road, Saxonwold, 2196, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


What to bring with:

  • 2 x Old dish cloths.
  • 1 x Paper towel roll.
  • Measuring spoons.
  • Infrared Thermometer (if you don’t have one we will have on hand)
  • Extra pouring jugs 1l or 2l fill volume.
  • Small funnel for diffuser pouring.
  • Please arrive 30 mins before start time.


Download complimentary Testing sheet


Learn all about the terms we use to for candle making  – Learn the Lingo



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Pear Cinnamon, Coconut Lime, Rooibos Mint, Caramel Vanilla, Saltwater Sea