Candle Making Kit 5

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Candle Making Kit #5

  • 2 x Charcoal cubes
  • 2 Natural Cubes
  • 800g Soy Wax
  • 40ml Fragrance (Note that the fragrance has been pre-selected)
  • 4 x STB 18 wick (Single wick per jar)
  • 1 x Pouring jug
  • Easy to follow candle making instructions.

*Please note to select you kit according to the listed fragrance, IE if you select a fragrance category, the kit will be ordered according to the fragrance.


Download –  Candle Making Instructions:   CMI-SACS.pdf


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Pear Cinnamon, Coconut Lime, Rooibos Mint, Caramel Vanilla, Saltwater Sea