Candle Wick Trimmer




Use one of our candle wick trimmers to care for your candle wicks and ensure top performance of your candle.  It is best practice to keep the wick trimmed to between 5 or 6mm.  This might look short but will ensure that you trim away any bending or mushrooming. Also ensure that any wick trimmings are removed from the inside of the candle before lighting it again.


Product Information                         

Material: Stainless steel, polished

Uses: Trimming candle wicks



Use only when your candle has been extinguished, and the wick has cooled down completely.

Can be used to trim container candle wicks & pillar candle wicks.

Clip the cooled down wick 5-6mm above the wax.  Make sure that the wick is trimmed and now at an upright position.

Trim the wick every time before burning the candle.



Do not use the wick trimmer for cutting anything else (paper, string etc)