Clamshell Wax Moulds


Clamshell wax moulds – 10 Clamshell Moulds per packet.

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Clamshell Wax Moulds

These clamshell moulds are ideal to create the perfect size melt pod for a tea-light burner.   They are also ideal to store any left over wax from a made candle batch.  It can be used with both soy wax and paraffin wax.  ( Please take care not to add the wax at a high temperature, always let it cool down before pouring, especially with paraffin wax.)


Product Specifications:  Material: PET/ 10 clamshells per packet.  Volume: 100ml

Note: *Cavity volume: The cavities are not divided all the way to the top so each piece would be 16.66ml. The cavity portion itself is approx. 10ml.



Slowly pour the fragranced / coloured soy or paraffin wax into the cavities in the mould, it can be filled up to just before the seal line on the mould.  Let cool down and solidify completely before closing the lid and sealing it in place.  Take care not to overfill them, as the lid will struggle too close.



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