Coconut & Lime Fragrance Oil


Soft and smooth cut coconut filled with layers of lime and lemon.

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Suitable for any season, the coconut hints at warm balmy beachy days, and the fresh lime carries it for any season.


Top Notes: Lemon, tangerine

Heart Notes: Coconut, soft citronella

Base Notes: Pine


Fragrance Application Guide:

Coconut & Lime is an impressive and fresh fragrance oil, based on our tests, should be applied in the following ratios.

Soy Candles – 6% maximum                                        Paraffin wax – 6% to 8% maximum


Recommended Colouring if required:  None

Note: Do not exceed 10% fragrance load on any wax type.

Note: Conduct your own fragrance testing.

Note: Can discolour to light pink if over exposed to sunlight.


About the Fragrance Blends

We supply a wide range of high quality fragranced oils soured from a leading European fragrance house, that is a member of IFRA (International Fragrance Association)

We have worked closely alongside the manufacturer and distributer to develop our incredible fragrance blends for scented candle and diffuser making.

The fragrances are Paraffin free, UV inhibitor free, and animal testing free.


Learn all about the fragrance terms we use to for candle making  – Learn the Lingo


Testing sheet



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