Cross Wood Wicks


Wick is sold in bundles of 20, including the round metal sustainers.

SmallWick Bundle (20)
MediumWick Bundle (20)
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Cross Wood Wicks 

Our Cross Wood Wicks are the newest addition to our wood wick range, they appear small in size, but produces a solid flame, and stable burn pool, they are very potent, and the specifications must be followed as instructed as not to warm up the jar sidewalls at all.

These wicks are perfect for soy and paraffin wax, bees wax blended candles, and candles with a heavy Fragrance or Dye Loads.  It is supplied with a round metal sustainer. These wicks do not need any placement holders as they stand upright solidly.


Assembling the wick:  Take 2 of the pre-cut wood wicks, on the open ends of each wick, separate them slightly and slide them to fit perfectly, creating a cross, they will interlock once in position.  Stand the wick upright and slot into the round sustainer.  Add a glue dot to the bottom of the round sustainer (one on each side) and glue down into your jar.


Product Specifications:  Material: Softwood / Thickness of Wick: 0.40 / Diameter: Refer to chart below for double wick option


Sizes include:

8mm wide x 100mm long (small)

10mm wide x 100mm long (Medium)

13 mm wide x 130mm long (large)



Note that the below wick instructions are based on our in-house testing, and you should also conduct your own testing with fragrance loads and colouring. (Download the complimentary testing sheet)

Step 1 – Measuring the Diameter of the Jar

Ensure that you work on a safe surface. It is advised to pack out and re-measure the inside diameter of the jars, write down the diameter as not to choose the incorrect wick.

Step 2 – Select the Wick

Choose the wick based on the diameter provided in the wick table.

Step 3 – Decide to use 1 or 2 Wicks

If your jar has a wider diameter, and you need to use 2 wicks, simply divide the diameter of the jar by the number of wicks you will be using, also refer to the wick table below.

Step 4 – Applying the wick to the Jar

Use a good quality glue gun, place a tiny drop of warm glue onto the metal sustainer.  Simply adhere the wick as central in the jar as possible, you can also mark the middle with a non-permanent marker. For double wicks, mentally divide out the jar, mark out the two half sections and place wicks equal distance from the sides and middle.


Wood Wick Size Burning Guide ( General Guide) 

Jar Diameter Cross wick –  Single Wick Cross Wick –  Double Wick
55mm – 75mm 1 X Small Not recommended for jar size
76mm – 85mm 1 X Medium 2 x Small
85mm – 95mm 1 X Large 2 x Small
95mm – 110mm Double wick recommended 2 x Small or Medium


SA Candle Supply Jars recommended Cross Wood wick

Jar Diameter Cross wick –  Single Wick Cross Wick  –  Double Wick
Ocher – 72mm 1 X Small Not recommended for jar size
Aurora – 75mm 1 X Small Not recommended for jar size
Nova – 77mm 1 X Medium 2 x Small
Luna – 85mm 1 x Large 2 x Small

*Please conduct your own testing at all times, as burn diameters will differ with wax types / blends and fragrance loads.

Download complimentary Testing sheet



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Wick Bundle (20)