Kaolin Clay


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Kaolin Clay:

Kaolin clay is a cosmetic clay and the mildest amongst all the clays with a neutral PH.  Kaolin clay is rich in silica and is white of colour.  It is a wonderful natural additive.


Function in CP Soap:

Provides very gentle exfoliation and provides a silkiness to the soap.  Very good to use in shaving soap as it provides a good slip. It also aids in drawing impurities from the skin.  It can even use it to anchor a fragrance in the soap.


Usage Rate:

2 teaspoons per kg of oils. Disperse 2 teaspoons of clay in two tablespoons of distilled water and add to soap at thin trace.  Alternatively add the clay directly to your cooled lye solution, stick blend to make sure all the clay is fully incorporated and then add to your oils.



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