Neroli Essential Oil


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Neroli Essential Oil

Blooming sweet floral notes of Neroli flowers.

Fragrance Notes: Middle

Family: Floral


Fragrance Application Guide: For use in Soy wax / bees wax / shea butter & coconut oil blends only.

Essential Oils fragrance throw in soy candles tend to be on the lighter scent spectrum.

Soy Candles – 6% maximum      IE 25ml per litre / 170 -200 drops per 120ml candle

Blends Well With:  Pepper, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Sandalwood Essential oils.


Precautions: Discontinue use if any allergic reactions occur.  Consult with a professional before use if pregnant or lactating.  A small test area on skin is recommended before use, especially on sensitive skin types.  Do not ingest.  For external use only. (Candles & Diffusers)

Note: Conduct your own fragrance testing at all times.

Note: Can discolour if over exposed to sunlight.


Method:  Melt the Soy wax in a main Marie.  Never expose soy wax or bees wax to direct heat.  Using your thermometer to test the temperature at all times.

Add fragrance at 75-78 degrees.  The wax needs to be a bit warmer to absorb and blend with the essential oils.  Cool down to 58-60degrees then pour slowly into your prepared container.  Allow to set for 48 Hours.

We recommend making smaller batches, and smaller volume candles when using essential oils.


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