Premix #1


Ready Mix #1

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Premix #1:  Basic Beginner Recipe


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Before attempting this recipe, make sure you read our lye safety information and familiarise yourself with our glossary of terms.

This beginner friendly premix of oils for both Cold & Hot Process soap making is specifically designed to make your life easier.  It contains the 3 most common oils used for soap making and as a bonus, is also vegan friendly.  When you are a beginner, soap making can seem quite intimidating, so we have taken some of your stress away by pre-measuring your oils for you. All you need to do is prepare your lye concentration and get soaping.

Our Basic beginner premix oils contain a 1000g of oils consisting of the following oils including 5% superfat:

  • Coconut Oil: 24%
  • Olive Oil:  44%
  • Palm Oil:  32%
  • For this recipe we will use a 33% lye concentration.

Please mail us on for the full recipe.  Will be available on the website soon.



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