Premix #3 – Slow-Moving Luxury


Ready Mix #3

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Premix Recipe #3:  Slow-Moving Luxury

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Before attempting this recipe, make sure you read our lye safety information and familiarise yourself with our glossary of terms.

This Slow-Moving Luxury premix of oils for both Cold & Hot Process soap making is specifically designed to make your life easier.  It contains skin-loving oils, move quite slow allowing for advance designs and swirling techniques and is my absolute favourite. As a bonus, is also vegan friendly.  With everyone having such busy lives and less time on our hands, we thought we can lighten the load by pre measuring your oils for you. All you need to do is prepare your lye concentration and you can make this luxurious soap in no time.

Our Slow-moving luxury premix oils contain a 1000g of oils consisting of the following including 5% superfat:

  • Sweet Almond Oil: 15%
  • Coconut Oil: 15%
  • Castor Oil: 5%
  • Olive Oil:  50%
  • Palm Oil:  15%
  • For this recipe we will use a 33% lye concentration.


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