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Enjoy your favorite candle for longer with our reusable candle kits! Great for gifting too!

Kit Contents:
Instructions for use:
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We know how disappointing it can be when you get to the end of your favorite candle, and now you have this beautiful jar with just the memory of the candle that once was… well why not just go ahead and refill that jar and have your brand new candle ready to light up your life again!

Our kits are very easy to use and allow you to continue enjoying your jar candles, and gorgeous scent for longer.  With everything you need to make your very own candle, not once but three times!

Our Freesia kit comes with our beautiful White Luna jar and enough wax to refill this jar three times! Thereafter you can purchase more wax as needed, since you will have plenty of wicks and fragrance to last you a while.


Learn all about the terms we use to for candle making  – Learn the Lingo


Kit Contents:

  • Wax: 1kg x S100
  • Wicks: 1 x pack V12(25 pieces)
  • Fragrance: 1 x Frais Freesia 100ml
  • 1 x White Luna Jars
  • 1 x Luna wood Lid
  • 1 x 1L Pouring Jug
  • 1 x Pack of Glue dots
  • 2 x Wick Placeholders
  • 10 x Pipettes
  • Warning Labels

Instructions for use:

Download printable instructions: S100 Wax Candle Making Instructions


Note that the below instructions are based on our in-house testing, and you should also explore the below handling sheet, and to conduct your own testing with fragrance loads and colouring. (Download the complimentary testing sheet) We recommend a 6-8% fragrance load using our fragrance ranges.  We advise the use of a digital thermometer to assist in measuring the correct temperatures of the wax.

Preparation:  Ensure that you work on a safe surface, candle wicks are firmly in place, and that the max fill line have been market with a non-permanent marker to ensure that the jars are not over filled.  Lay down a few newspapers, as pouring candles can sometimes be messy.


Step 1 – Melting:  Wax should be melted in a Bain Marie double pot or an electric melting pot and should not be exposed to direct heat.  Melt your wax over a low heat slowly to reach between up to 65- 75℃.  The wax should appear slightly dark-golden in colour.  Take care not to heat over 80℃ as this can influence the setting and performance of the wax. Overheated wax is very opaque in colour and can result in injury. It can also cause discolouration and crumbling in the final product.


Step 2 – Adding Colour and Fragrance:  Add fragrance at 65 – 69℃ and stir gently for a minute.  If adding colour, we advise to add it before the fragrance at a warmer temperature to ensure that the colour blends well with the wax, but careful not to overheat the wax.


Step 3 – Pouring:  Once your fragrance and colour has blended, and the wax has cooled down to approx. 60℃ it is ready to be poured.  The wax will have a clear appearance.  If the wax is too cool, it will create cavities in the wax when curing after the first pour.  Fill the container and leave 2cm at the maximum filling line for the top-up. Leave at least 500ml of wax for the topping, depending on the volume of candles made.  It is important to have the containers at the same temperature as the ambient room temperature.


Step 4 – Curing & Topping up ( If required):  Allow wax to cure for 12 hours.   Warm up the remainder of the wax using a small Bain Marie to 55-57℃ .  Top up the final layer of the candle to the maximum fill line of your containers.  Allow to set for 4-7 days BEFORE using.

Please note: To ensure optimal performance, we strongly recommend first-time users conduct a test run on a small batch before using the wax in full-scale production.

Download Supporting Documents:

Please download the supporting documents – Freesia FO:

Safety Data Sheet ( SDS )

IFRA Document

Download the Supporting Documents for S100 wax

Download complimentary Testing sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Certificate of Analysis (COA)