25 Wicks
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The STB coreless wick construction combines threads made of the highest-grade ring-spun cotton with paper filaments for extra stability. Made for strong blended candles with high fragrance and color load.

STB#18 Wick

Product Specifications

Material: Cotton

Wick Options: consult the chart below

Height: 160mm

Pre-tabbed: Yes                                                                Pre-coated: Yes

Supplier: Germany



Note that the below wick instructions are based on our in-house testing, and you should also conduct your own testing with fragrance loads and colouring. (Download the complimentary testing sheet)


Step 1 – Measuring the Diameter of the Jar

Ensure that you work on a safe surface. It is advised to pack out and re-measure the inside diameter of the jars, write down the diameter as not to choose the incorrect wick.


Step 2 – Select the Wick

Choose the wick based on the diameter provided in the wick table.


Step 3 – Decide to use 1 or 2 Wicks

If your jar has a wide diameter, and you need to use 2 wicks, divide the diameter of the jar by the number of wicks you will be using, also refer to the wick table.


Step 4 – Applying the wick to the Jar

Use a good quality glue gun, place a tiny drop of warm glue onto the metal sustainer.  Simply adhere the wick as central in the jar as possible, you can also mark the middle with a non-permanent marker. For double wicks, mentally divide out the jar, mark out the two half sections and place wicks equal distance from the sides and middle.


STB-Series Wick Size Burning Guide

Jar Diameter STB – Single Wick STB –  Double Wick Triple Wick
50mm – 55mm STB8 N/R N/R
55mm – 60mm STB10 / 12 N/R N/R
60mm – 65mm STB14 N/R N/R
65mm – 70mm STB14 N/R N/R
70mm – 75mm STB18 / 22 N/R N/R
75mm – 80mm STB22 STB8 X 2 N/R
80mm – 90mm N/R STB10 / 12 X 2 N/R
90mm – 100mm N/R STB12/14 X 2 N/R
100mm – 110mm N/R STB14 X 2 STB8 X 3
110mm – 120mm N/R STB18 X 2 STB10/12 X 3

Download complimentary testing sheet


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25 Wicks