Stearic Acid


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Wax Additive

Stearic Acid:

Stearic acid is natural and vegetable-based, and when added to paraffin wax it creates stronger, harder candles that release from moulds much easier. It contains no preservatives or additives and has been triple-pressed for purity. Commonly added to pillar candles, it also creates a longer burning candle. Add a minimum of 100g stearic acid to 1kg of paraffin wax and maximum of 300g to 1kg of paraffin wax, depending on the hardness of the candle you intend to produce. We don’t advise adding stearic acid to bees wax or soy wax.

Product Information

Melting Point: 54℃

Ratio Minimum: 1 part stearic acid to 10 parts wax

Ratio Maximum: 3.3 parts stearic acid to 10 parts wax

Solid Form: Powder

Uses: Container and mould candles



Note that the below instructions are based on our in-house testing, and you should also explore the below handling sheet, and to conduct your own testing with fragrance loads and colouring. We advise the use of a digital thermometer to assist in measuring the correct temperatures of the wax/stearic acid blend.


Step 1 – Mixing

Wax should be melted in a bain-marie and should not be exposed to direct heat.

Melt your wax over a low heat slowly to reach between 70℃ and 80℃.  The wax should appear completely translucent. Although this is a forgiving wax take care not to heat it over 90℃ as this can influence the setting and performance of the wax. Once the wax is melted and at the desired heat, add the stearic acid in the amounts advised above. Slowly stir in the stearic acid until completely melted and mixed in with the wax. You are now ready to pour.


Step 2 – Pouring

Once your stearic acid and wax has blended, and the wax has cooled down to between 65℃ and 67℃ it is ready to be poured.  The wax will have a slight milky appearance. This will ensure a smooth, white finish.

Fill the container to 2cm below the maximum filling line to leave room for the top-up. Make sure to keep enough wax for the top-up, depending on the number of candles being made.

It is important to have the containers at the same temperature as the ambient room temperature.


Step 3 – Curing & Topping up

Allow wax to cure for 12 hours.

Warm up the remainder of the wax using a small bain-marie to between 65℃  and 67℃.

Top up the final layer of the candle to the maximum fill line of your containers.  Allow to set for another 12 hours.


Download complimentary Testing sheet


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