Stearic Acid


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Wax Additive

Stearic Acid:

Stearic acid is natural and vegetable-based, and when added to paraffin wax it creates stronger, harder candles that release from moulds much easier. It contains no preservatives or additives and has been triple-pressed for purity. Most commonly, it is added to pillar candles. Add a minimum of 100g stearic acid to 1kg of paraffin wax and maximum of 300g to 1kg of paraffin wax, depending on the hardness of the candle you intend to produce. We don’t advise adding stearic acid to bees wax or soy wax.

Note that adding stearic Acid to wax can also influence fragrance absorption.

Own testing required at all times.


Product Information

Melting Point: 54℃

Ratio Minimum: 1 part stearic acid to 10 parts wax

Ratio Maximum: 3.3 parts stearic acid to 10 parts wax

Solid Form: Powder

Uses: Mould candles



Please follow the step by step instructions found on the applicable wax that will be used. (Paraffin Wax)


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