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Terra Clay Vessel

Handmade by a South American family that has mastered the art of clay pottery. The Terra clay vessel is a tapered, round clay vessel, ideally suited for both indoors and outdoors, and can be filled with only paraffin wax.


Material: Terracotta
Maximum Volume: 1600ml
Recommended Fill Volume: 1400ml
Height (including lid): 130mm
Inside Diameter: 170mm
Wick Suggestions: Due to the large diameter of the Terra clay vessel, we recommend multiple wicks from the same range IE: STB18 X 3 Wicks or STB14 X 4 wicks
Own testing is required.

Please note:

We would recommend the Stabilio / Eco / Wooden Wick ranges with the Terra clay vessel. Refer to the wick size guides above.

Download Testing sheet here.


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