Wax Melting Pot


Wax Melting Pot

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The SA Candle Supply wax melting pot is designed for larger amount of candle making.  It can hold up to 8L of Melted wax, and has an easy pour spout, with brass ball valve.

Simple and effective to use.  Fill the water cavity with warm water, place it on a stove, on a medium to high temperature. Take care not to overhear the pot.  Add the wax, close the lid, and stir in intervals until the wax is melted.  Always make use of an infrared thermometer to measure the wax temperature at each stir interval.

When the wax is melted and has reached the correct temperature, it is ready to be poured into the mixing jugs, and blended with the colour and fragrance.

This pot is made to order and 4 weeks for delivery.

Please refer to the image above for the user instructions.