White Base Melt & Pour Kit


White Glycerine Melt and Pour Soap Base kit is ideal for creating fast soaping recipes.  This base offers versatility, and can be used to support beautiful solid colours in your soap.

Pear Cinnamon
Coconut Lime
Rooibos Mint
Sandalwood Bergamot
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Using this kit to make your very own Glycerine melt & pour soap could not be easier, we have selected the needed products included in the kit to help you on your way with soap making.


Product Information

  • Made in house with 100% certified ingredients.
  • Packaged & wrapped – 1kg


Included in your kit

  • 1 KG melt & pour base ( Clear or White )
  • 1 x 1L pouring jug – this can be used to melt the soap in.
  • 10 x pipettes
  • 100ml fragrance ( select from the list)
  • 500ml Isopropyl (bubbles)
  • 1 x plastic soap mold (Double cavity)


Excludes, but must have.

  • Microwave/melting pot
  • Knife to cut soap
  • Popsicle Sticks



Cut off enough soap base to fill your mould. (You can either fill your mould with water and pour it into a measuring cup to check the amount you need, 1ml equals 1 gram.  If you have a square or rectangle mould you can work out the volume by multiplying length by width by height.)

Cut the soap base into smaller blocks, about 1x1cm and place them in the jug.

Place the jug with the soap base into the microwave and heat in maximum 20 second bursts, stirring in between. Alternatively melt the soap in a melting pot/double boiler on medium heat, stirring often.  Make sure you don’t boil the base.

Once all the soap blocks have melted completely, stir the mixture gently.

At this point you can add your colour. Use liquid soap dye or mica powders.  Please read the individual instructions for colour and fragrance below.

Liquid: If you use liquid soap dye, add 1 drop at a time and stir gently, until you are happy with your colour.  Liquid colours do tend to bleed into each other, so it is not ideal for colour layering.

Mica Powder:  If you are using mica, take a popsicle stick or spoon and take a tiny bit of mica (depending on how strong you want the colour) and put it in a small mixing container.  Add a few drops of Isopropyl alcohol and mix thoroughly.  The reason we disperse the mica in alcohol first is to avoid the mica powder clumping together which will result in an uneven colour or clumps of colour in your final soap.  Add this mixture into the soap, little by little, until you have achieved the colour you need.  Stir well, but gently.  Vigorous stirring can cause bubbles.


After the colour is added, add your fragrance. The normal usage rate of fragrance oils in melt and pour is 1%.   This would mean, if using 1000ml of melted base, you would add 10ml of fragrance.  This may vary from different suppliers and manufacturers, so always check each supplier’s usage rate first and always make sure the fragrance oil is skin safe.  You can also use essential oils.  Using a pipette, draw the necessary amount of fragrance from the bottle and drop it into the soap.  Stirring gently for about 20 seconds will ensure that the fragrance oil has been blended in properly.

Spray your mould with a little spritz of Isopropyl alcohol (this helps the soap to adhere nicely to the mould and gets rid of surface tension making sure no bubbles are trapped between the soap and the mould)

Pour your soap gently into the mould. Spritz the top with rubbing alcohol as well to get rid of any bubbles.


Wait until your soap sets up completely before removing it from the mould. This can take 30 minutes up to several hours depending on the size of your mould.  Once your soap is set, remove from the mould and wrap the soap in plastic film (like glad wrap) or shrink wrap as soon as possible after un-moulding.  Glycerine is a humectant drawing moisture from the air to itself, which is why it is moisturising for your body, but unfortunately also causes the soap to draw the moisture from the air, causing glycerine dew drops on the soap.  This is also known as sweating.


Your soap is now ready to be used. Enjoy!


Note: Always be cautious when working with melted bases.  Keep out of reach of children & pets.  Own testing / recipes is required.



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Pear Cinnamon, Coconut Lime, Rooibos Mint, Sandalwood bergamot, Saltwater Sea