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Soap Mould - Silicone Loaf 1500ml

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R 350.00

1500ml Silicone Loaf Mould.  Ideal for melt and pour loaves as well as cold process soap.

Strictly no returns on all moulds!

Our top quality loaf silicone moulds will assist in creating a perfectly set soap loaf. Easy to release the soap from the mould and provides professional look. This mould is ideal for melt and pour and cold process soap. The Hard silicone loaf mould ensures a sturdy soap bar, due to the material, and supported sides of this mould. *Note this is a 1 piece mould & has a fill volume to 1500ml.
Prepare your soap base: Melt your desired soap base according to the instructions. You can use melt-and-pour soap base or cold process soap in this mould. Add color and fragrance (optional): If desired, add soap colorant and fragrance oil to the melted soap base. Mix well to evenly distribute the color and scent. Prepare the silicone soap mold: Ensure that your silicone soap mold is clean and dry. If using a new mold, you may want to wash it with warm, soapy water and let it air dry before use. Pour the soap mixture: Slowly pour the melted soap mixture into the cavities of the silicone mold. Fill each cavity to the desired level, leaving some space at the top for any additional design elements or toppings. Tap out air bubbles: To eliminate any air bubbles trapped in the soap mixture, gently tap the mold against a counter or table. This will help the soap settle and create a smoother, more even surface. Customize the soap (optional): If you wish to add any decorative elements to your soap, such as herbs, flowers, or embeds, gently press them into the soap mixture at this stage. Allow the soap to set: Place the filled silicone soap mold in a cool, well-ventilated area to allow the soap to harden and set completely. The time required for the soap to firm up will depend on the specific type of soap base and the room temperature. Unmold the soap: Once the soap is fully set and hardened, gently flex the sides of the silicone mold to release the soap. You may need to lightly press or squeeze the bottom of the mold to help release the soap from the cavities. Final touches (optional): If desired, trim any excess soap edges or smooth out any imperfections using a knife or a soap trimmer. Decorate the soap further with additional details like soap stamps, mica powder, or glitter.
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