We are always trying to better our site and ensure our customers have a great and efficient shopping experience.  One such improvement that we have made recently is the addition of customer accounts to allow for faster checkout.

  • The customer accounts is feature we implemented earlier this year, and the onus falls on the customer to register a customer account should they wish to.
  • An account is NOT required to checkout, the button to skip login can be found at the bottom, right corner of the screen.  Clicking this button will skip the login/registration process and allow you to checkout as a guest.
  • You may not have a registered account on our site, even if you have purchased from us before, if you have requested your forgotten password but do not receive an email, you have not registered an account.  Please attempt to register your account, and you can continue your checkout process.
  • If a request is made to reset a password, you will only receive a mail to change the password if a customer account is found matching the username or email address. 
  • When registering a new account, be mindful of the username you choose, as this cannot be changed later on. 

We continue to make improvements to better the shopping experience on our site, should you have further questions regarding any of them email us on