Note: These instructions are specific for use with the Frais Diffuser Base Oil. 

Fragrance ratios for FRAIS fragrance range is also available on the IFRA documents on request, WE HAVE INCLUDED these values in a downloadable table for safety guidelines.

FRAIS BASE OIL – Mixing / blending example:

Calculate the fill volume of the Diffuser bottle – i.e., 100ml / 200 ml etc. This would be the fill volume x % value given = ml to add.

100 x 5% = 5ml of fragrance

100 x 10% = 10ml of fragrance

100ml x 15% = 15ml of fragrance

Step 1 – Fragrance

Once you have worked how much of fragrance you are going to need, add the measured-out fragrance to the diffuser bottle. Use a pipette or measuring spoon for this as these tend to be small volumes)

Step 2 – Base Oil  

Add the FRAIS DIFFUSER BASE OIL Base oil to fill to the neck of the bottle.

Step 3 – Finishing

Close the bottle and shake the mixture, leave this for at least an hour to settle before ADDING THE RECCOMENDED REEDS AS ABOVE.

If there the mixture has any milky / cloudy appearance, shake the bottle well, and let it settle. If it remains cloudy, add more base oil till it clears up, as this means the mixture is over saturated.

Use the guidelines below for ratio %, as well as result indication.

Frais Fragrance Diffuser Ratios & Notes

Local Fragrances Diffuser Ratios & Notes

Very Fine droplets in some of the more concentrated fragrance oils can be seen (listed below), they do tend to blend in over time, shake well before use.

THE IFRA % guidelines in some cases exceed the tested result on the base, and no more should be used than indicated.

FRAIS fragrances are high in viscosity and some fragrances are more “fatty” therefore needing very little to achieve the desired fragrance load.