Beginner or expert on the candle journey, testing is an extremely vital part of the process for numerous reasons. Here are some of the reasons why this is not a step to be skipped.

1. Safety!

Due to the flammable nature of candle products, safety is the most important reason why you should test! The liability of a candle product is on the candle maker and if anything goes wrong, you as the maker can be held liable. The last thing any candle maker wants is for a customer to start a raging fire that burns down their home, due to unforeseen issues in the process of making the product – which could have been avoided, if correct testing measures are employed. Should said customer have been merely negligent, your testing will ensure that the liability is not on you as a business owner.

You should NEVER sell a candle product if it hasn’t been tested for safety.

Always test for safety!

2. Wick Sizing

Ensuring the correct size wick is used can be the difference between the perfect candle and a lackluster candle. If the wick is under-sized, you will have a candle that does not burn to the edges, instead in burns down the middle, causing tunneling.

If oversized or over wicked, your flame can get too big and generate too much heat and that will lead to vessel issues, like bursting and cracking, which can cause serious bodily harm.

Always test for correct wick size!

3. Suitability of the vessel

Yes, even the jar/container that you use has to be tested to ensure that it is safe to withstand the temperatures that the candle will reach when lit. Just because it looks like it might work does not guarantee that it will work.

There 3 important things to look at when choosing the container to make your candles in,

  1. It should NOT catch fire
  2. It should NOT leak
  3. It should NOT crack or break

Another important factor to consider, is that the jar/container should be stable when upright and filled – that last thing we want is open in flame in an unstable container…

4. Perfecting your craft

Testing is a great way to really learn and know not only your process, but your products as well. You as the maker are responsible for perfecting your craft and product. The supplier of the raw materials has no control over how you will make, what you choose to add & how you sell it, therefore they can only provide you with recommendations of what to test with.

The safety and quality of that product are 100% determined by the maker.

Always test to ensure you understand your product!

The process of testing is also not one size fits all. Why? Cause there are way too many factors to keep in mind. Wax type, making process, fragrance type/ load, additives, wick type, jar size, and height. All of this is determined by the candle maker and not the supplier, which is why we always recommend you perform your own testing to be certain of the performance of your product.