Massage Candles – What Do You Need To Know?

What is a massage/ body butter candle?

A massage candle is a candle that once lit, melts into a massage oil that can be applied to the body. This is made from 100% pure soy wax with some additional enriching ingredients added in order to assist with moisturising properties and glide for massage purposes.

Are massage candles safe?

Yes, massage candles are safe to use for anyone that is not allergic to the ingredients that you add into the product. Always have an ingredients list on your candle and note the allergens that are present in your wax. i.e., soy, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.  Also, ensure to say discontinue use if a reaction occurs.

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Can you add colour to a massage candle?

No, we do not recommend colour in massage candles. Colours available for candles are wax soluble and not consider skin safe. The colour used in cosmetics are cosmetic grade water based and made to be skin safe. Due to the colourant being water based, it will not mix with the wax due to being oil based.

Can I use a wooden wick in a massage candle?

Technically yes, however we do not recommend that you do. When wooden wicks burn, they tend to discolour the wax as well as leave a slight smell in the wax from the wood. This combination takes away from the fragrance, especially when applying to your skin and possibly lead to a skin reaction. Cotton wick are the safer bet in this regard.

Why is the fragrance less in a massage candle compared to a normal fragrance candle?

A massage candle gets applied to the skin and therefore cosmetic regulations need to be followed. The recommended safe percentage for body product is 1-2% fragrance for topical products and we add 3% taking into consideration that the candle needs to burn and some fragrance gets lost in this process.  Always remember, massage candles are to fragrance your body not a room.

How do I make a massage candle?

There are many recipes available but here are 2 different simple recipes you can try. Feel free to adjust as needed, as this is only a guideline.

Basic – 250g

  • Soy wax – 170g
  • Coconut oil – 65g
  • Fragrance – 7g

Luxury – 250g

  • Soy wax – 146g
  • Shea butter (or any hard butters) – 73g
  • Liquid oil (like grapeseed, olive, sweet almond) – 25g
  • Fragrance – 7g


  • Add your ingredients to a double boiler and melt on a medium heat, till everything is completely melted. Be careful not to heat over 70 degrees, as you will start scorching your butters.
  • Once your wax is melted, pour into your container and let set.
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Testing our your massage candle sounds like a good excuse for a massage!