Carrier Oils – What are they?

What is a Carrier Oil:

A Carrier oil is a vegetable oil that is usually extracted from the fatty part of the plant by cold pressing/expeller pressing nuts, seeds and sometimes from the fruit itself (like olive or rosehip, sea buckthorn etc).

Carrier oils are usually used to dilute essential oils or absolute oils before it is applied to the skin (like in a massage oil), because essential oils & absolute oils are too potent to be put directly onto the skin.  The carrier oil does not usually have a strong scent making it ideal to use as a base.

Carrier oils are used in many bath and body products such as soap, body butter, lotion, lip balm, bath bombs, scrubs, massage oils, lip balms, beard oils and many more.  They also have great skin benefits on their own.

Since different carrier oils have different benefits for the skin, you can tweak your bath and body products to best suit your specific needs.  Based on the type of need you have, you would chose the type of carrier oil you would to use.

Carrier oils for Skin types:

Normal skin:

Almost any carrier oil can be used on a normal skin type, such as Coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, argan oil etc.


Oily Skin:

Jojoba oil is best for very oily skin as it is packed with antioxidants, hydrates, smooths and softens skin as well as balance your natural oil production.


Dry Skin:  

Sweet almond oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil and Rose hip oil are all great at moisturising dry and sensitive skin, without making you feel greasy


Mature Skin:

Rosehip oil, jojoba oil as well as argan oil is great for aging skin.  It has regenerative properties that help reduce fine lines and blemishes while being very gentle and moisturising.

sweet almond

Make yourself some Chamomile infused oil:

  • Fill a jar half way full with dried chamomile.
  • Pour your choice of carrier oil into the jar so that the chamomile is completely covered with your chosen oil.
  • Fill a medium sized pot or crockpot halfway full with water. Place your jar in the water and heat the water to 50-60 degrees.
  • Keep the jar in the water for 4-8 hours.
  • Once infused, use a cheesecloth or coffee filter and strainer to separate your herbs from the oil.
  • Once separated, use a funnel and pour oil into a glass jar or bottle and use as desired!