Themed Silicone Moulds


Themed silicone moulds to create beautiful embeds for the top of your candle.  Ideal for free standing and container candles.  Easy to release the wax from the mould and provides a professional look.

Unicorn Set R300.00
Leaf Set R200.00
Mermaids Tail R200.00
Mini Rose Set R180.00
Mini Butterfly Set R180.00
Mini Shell Set R180.00
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Create a number of new, exciting and imaginative themed candles with our range of Themed Silicone Moulds.

Be sure to read the descriptions below carefully for your selection.

  • Unicorn silicone candle mould set.
  • Leaf Silicone candle mould set.
  • Mermaids tail silicone candle mould.
  • Mini Rose candle mould set.
  • Mini Butterfly silicone candle mould set.
  • Mini shell candle mould set.


Add wax to the mould, and allow to set for at leat 1 hour before un moulding.  Note that you can use coloured mica powder to paint the inside of the mould before adding the wax, this will secure the colours onto the shape.  Using a small amount of mica powder will not influence your candle burn and fragrance throw.

We also offer candle specific colours if a solid overall colour is needed.


After use, wash out with soap and water, and dry on a drying rack.



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Unicorn Set, Leaf Set, Mermaids Tail, Mini Rose Set, Mini Butterfly Set, Mini Shell Set