Designer Wax Melt Warmer – Charcoal


The Wick Fragrances Luxury Wax Melter has been designed to offer a superior wax melting experience; optimal scent throw, easy clean up and a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.

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The Wick Fragrances Luxury Wax Melt Warmer – Charcoal fills any space with the fragrance of a fragranced oil or wax. Simply place the wax melt in the warmer cup and light a tea candle beneath it.


  • Strong fragrance & quick scent release.
  • Switching scent regularly/ scent blending


Place 2-4 blocks of scented wax  into the melting bow, depending on room size & desired intensity. Insert a standard tea light candle in the bottom opening & light to heat.

Watch as delicate plumes of fragrant steam begin to billow out from the melting bowl, scenting your space with generous wafts of fine fragrance. Top up with additional blocks of scented wax to boost aroma as needed.


Once all fragrance has evaporated, leave wax to cool and harden overnight. Remove the bowl and tap to remove solid wax.

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